Second Life Weaponry

A Note About KKP Melee Weapons

At the time of this writing, a free basic melee weapons script serves as the base script for my weapons, the source of which can be found, here.

While my weapons have versions that are Push-Enabled, they shouldn't be able to cause any damage outside of the built-in Linden Damage system- at least, not on their own. My weapons use the following controls:

When in First Person viewpoint (termed "mouselook*" in SL), holding down the left mouse button, in combination with the directional keys, will activate the combat animations. Jumping while holding the left mouse button executes the standard back-flip attack that comes with the basic melee weapon script. Using the crouch key while holding down the left mouse button will execute the blocking animation.

When in Third Person viewpoint (my own preferred viewpoint for all things combat), the left mouse button is required for "mouse steering*." Unfortunately, the use of the left mouse button is an either/or situation: either it's used for mouse steering, or it's used to activate the weapon animations, but it cannot be used for both. This puts a person who prefers Third Person to First Person at a severe disadvantage. Hence, to allow for simultaneous mouse steering and weapon animation activation, I have made a slight modification to the basic melee weapon script, allowing the player to activate the weapon animations by holding down the forward directional button, in combination with the other directional buttons, jump, and crouch.

The controls for First Person viewpoint are commonly used in many melee weapon combat systems. Compatibility with these systems largely depends on whether or not damage is dealt by detecting these key presses, or by using some other kind of system, such as invisible bullets. Common example systems which use the former method are CCS and DCS2**. My melee weapons may work with such systems. However, the damage output will likely be lower than the weapons that are sold and made specifically for those systems. Players should still ensure that the use of my No-Push enabled weapons are approved by the owner of any combat Sim they wish to take part in. (Do not even consider using the Push-Enabled version, as many such combat Sims consider any Push-Enabled item to be cheating.)

The controls for Third Person viewpoint, however, are my own adaptations and are not used, as far as I know, by any system currently in SL. The Push-Enabled version of my melee weapons should still be functional on Sims that employ the built-in Linden Damage system, but make sure that the Sim owners approve of the use of my weapons, first, before using them, there. If players find they like my control adaptations for use in Third Person viewpoint, and would like to see these controls in other systems, consider speaking with the owners of the combat Sim to politely request if the Sim owners (or their scripters) can tweak the scripts to include this feature.

In any event, I hope that all who purchase my weapons enjoy them!

The Keeper
A.K.A. Keeper S. Karu (KeeperS Karu)
October 30, 2015

*I'm using quotes for these terms, because outside of Second Life, "mouselook," in most games, is defined as simply rotating and steering with the mouse, either by manually pressing one of the mouse buttons, or having it automatically set to your mouse movements. The viewpoint does not matter: In First or Third Person, it is simply "mouselook." But for those who have no experience gaming outside of SL, I use the term as SL uses it, in an effort to avoid confusion.

**Please be aware that I have discovered an odd feature of DCS Island: my weapons are not able to cause damage on DCS Island. My best guess as to why is that the island is configured to allow only weapons with official DCS scripts to cause damage. Mind, this is just a guess based on the fact that I have found my weapons, in conjunction with the DCS2 HUD and health meter, to work very well in other Sims that make use of the DCS2 system, such as Greek Peloponnesia. So what is the point of this observation? Don’t pick fights with people on DCS Island, with the intent of using my weapons as your main weapon, because you’ll be at a severe disadvantage!

***If there are any oddities concerning the animations of my weapons, that is likely due to conflicts with an animation overrider that is currently worn. Either removing the AO, or using animations in the AO with lower priority settings, should fix this. The only exception is possibly the ready stance. If moving the avatar does not break it out of the ready stance, this means that the AO needs a walk/run animation of a higher priority level, rather than a lower one. My ready stances are usually at either priority level 2 or 3, with the combat animations set to priority level 4