Second Life Cosplay Clothing

For each original mesh I create, there will be three lines of clothing: The Garment-Maker's Edition, The Signature Garment, and The Casual Garment. The Garment-Maker's Edition of my meshes will, naturally, be full permissions for garment-makers looking for new projects. The Signature Garment, such as The Lady, is the mesh, sold both as copy/mod and copy only, with a very special texture representing the story or idea that originally inspired the making of the garment; in other words, it's the character's signature color and pattern. The Casual Garment is the copy only mesh in an assortment of textures that provide readily available variety of color and pattern to the mesh, as if the character that inspired the garment were simply choosing to dress casually, which, for the character, simply means she isn't sporting her signature texture. With 3 different tiers of mesh clothing, my hope is that the customer will have a greater chance of finding what is needed, allowing for a more enjoyable shopping experience.

Whatever you choose, may you enjoy your purchase!