Second Life Animations

Terms Of Use And Sales Policy Regarding These Animations

After much thought and advice from more experienced SL friends, I have decided that I will not sell any of my animations’ actual .BVH files, as that simply leaves me open to the possibility of all manner of trouble. So, no matter how tempting the offer, I’m quite firm on this particular policy to not sell my .BVH files. So, please, do not ask.

Second, the permissions on the animation packs for content creators are set to copy/mod/trans; however, the terms under which they can be used are thus: You may use these animations for the purposes of furthering either personal and/or commercial builds. However, you may not, under any conditions, sell these animations and/or give them away, either singly or as part of any type of pack. Further, when used in your builds, they may not be included in such builds as full permissions or as copy/transfer. (As a way to ensure that you do not do this, inadvertently, you may want to immediately adjust the permissions of these animations as soon as you unpack them.)

Furthermore, because of the nature of full permissions, copyable, and/or non-transferable items, any and all sales of items marked as such, or a combination of such, are final. There are no returns or refunds for these items.

The Flavor Of Animation Series

While I do endeavor to do my best to model my animations based on the martial arts style I've researched, the fact of the matter is that many ideas don't translate very well for dueling animations, as used in Second Life. For example, in Eskrima, blocking is a very dynamic action, based on principles that can be summarized as "parry, disarm, and disable/kill." In order for the animations to look proper, faithful representation of this would require an accompanying animation for the defender as he is parried, disarmed, and disabled/killed. However, to allow such a thing between dueling individuals would likely cause issues and questions of fairness in combat. So rather than trying to make a faithful interpretation of this and other concepts, I have, instead, decided to capture the essence, the flavor, if you will, of the idea with movements that better suit the purposes of these animations. I sincerely hope that those who do practice these various styles of martial arts feel that these are successful attempts!