Tourist Information, The Realm Entertainment Center: About Keeper's Krew Komics - The Mel Brooks Solution

When I first decided I wanted a "subdivision" of Keeper's Krew Productions for the purposes of comic book creation and publishing, Keeper's Krew Komics was just a natural choice. Only when I actually wrote it out and stared at it did I realize what the abbreviation came out to, and my husband, naturally, laughed out loud when I expressed my frustration at this development. Before I could show him my ire, he responded by saying something along the lines of, "You should keep it, that way, because wouldn't it be nice if people actually associated KKK with a Black/Filipina Neo-Pagan who strongly advocated IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations)?" He then went on to tell me how Mel Brooks uses a similar tactic concerning Hitler: he's always trying to make Hitler out as a fool in his work, because the ultimate insult to Hitler and his memory would be for people to remember him as a sorry joke, rather than the "great hero and leader" he apparently believed himself to be. The idea struck me as brilliant, and Keeper's Krew Komics was born.