Tourist Information, The Keeper's Realm: About Keeper's Krew Productions

Keeper's Krew Productions is the umbrella name I, Opalin Hubay Pickens, use for all of my creative endeavors, whether those endeavors be commercial, non-commercial, or personal.

The seeds of Keeper's Krew Productions were sown sometime around 1996/1997, but it wasn't fully conceived as Keeper's Krew Productions until 2001. The inspiration for the name came about when my then-very-new boyfriend, Robert, regaled me with the story of how he had conceived of Cavalier Cavalry Productions, and in a flash, the name of Keeper's Krew Productions zipped through my mind. And that was how it came to be.

I've actually had a few versions of The Keeper's Realm on a couple of sites that offered free hosting, but due to being a full-time college student, they really didn't go anywhere. Several years back, Robert had decided to pay for his own domain name. Because we'd talked about a collaboration of projects and partnership between Cavalier Cavalry Productions and Keeper's Krew Productions, his offering me space within his own space made a whole lot of sense. Unfortunately, I was still weighted down with the demands of being a student, so I couldn't really do much, with that offer.

However, due to quite a few unforeseen incidents, I actually ended up with some time to devote to actually making a real go at putting my web site together. Of course, with my perfectionist tendencies, I got caught in this perpetual planning process. So, in April of 2012, I told Robert, now my husband (as of March 23, 2016), to just post the material I already had in a quick and dirty fashion. I hoped that this would spur me into speeding up my planning phase, and it would have worked, too. Unfortunately, a few days later, our 19-year-old calico cat got sick, and on April 17, 2012, we knew it was time. Due to the grief, I just didn't have it in me to be all that creative.

Now, it's November 6, 2012 (at the original time of this writing), election day, and I've decided that it's finally time for The Keeper's Realm to thrive.

Opalin Hubay Pickens
a.k.a. The Keeper