The Realm Gift Mall: The Keeper's Second Life

You're wandering through a large building identified as "The Realm Gift Mall." Looking left and right, you search for a store that catches your eye, and eventually, one does: "The Keeper's Second Life." Curious, you look at your wrist comp for further information on the store:

"Heyla and well met!

Keeper's Krew Productions in Second Life specializes in making cosplay clothing, accessories, weapons, and animations at affordable prices. In addition, while I may borrow from general themes and ideas for my costumes, I endeavor to make my designs original. So, if you're interested in cosplay, weaponry, or animation kits, why not check out what I have to offer?

Hoping you enjoy my creations,
Keeper S. Karu (KeeperS Karu)
a.k.a. The Keeper"

Your interest piqued, you enter the store to browse its selections.