Tourist Information, Keeper's Krew Komics: Spirit, Guide Me

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When her dolls profess to know what's best for her, Opalin begins to wonder just how bad things can be for her to need their advice and direct intervention.


The concept of spirit guides is an old one, and Opalin Pickens always wished she could contact hers when in need of advice or just someone to talk to. But she was wary of the traditional methods of contacting the spirit world in order to meet her guides. This was fine, for a while, but she is fast-approaching a point in her life when direct contact with her guides will be sorely needed. Knowing she'd never reach out to them, they, instead, decide to reach out to her by inhabiting her ball-jointed dolls. While Opalin is rather delighted by this, her husband and friends are more than a little rattled to have real life walking, talking dolls in their midst. Naturally, hilarity and drama ensues.


Spirit, Guide Me is a photo comic featuring the ball-jointed dolls known as Kyouko Kennakanja and Adlewyrchiad Glyndwyr, spirit guides who take desperate--and unconventional--measures to ensure they can do their proper duty to their ward.