Tourist Information, Keeper's Krew Komics: The School of All Trades

Tag Line:

Where the schoolmaster has as much to learn as her students.


Just as she was about to enter student teaching--the final phase in the single subject teaching credential program at CSUB--Opalin's financial aid runs dry. With no money of her own, this means her formal higher education is unceremoniously at its end. Devastated, her already severe depression and extreme agoraphobia take a turn for the worse, as feelings of worthlessness and uselessness overwhelm her. But after several months in this awful state, she's struck by a fact that slowly inspires her to taking the first steps to better mental and physical health and wholeness: what's stopping her from using what she already knows to formulate lesson plans and lessons that she can then post online? Perhaps she can even make it into a special project that can later be used for some kind of master's thesis in education, or something? Spurred on by the realization that she isn't useless, after all, she implements her idea. But before she can congratulate herself, she discovers that this one, simple decision has managed to make her life go from mundane to… just plain weird.


The School of All Trades (a traditionally penciled, digitally inked/colored comic) is the tale of how a small idea led to a school known for producing the best psis, anywhere.